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A little bit about the fabric - this fabric is 45% organic cotton and 55% hemp. It feels like old fashioned linen. It is heavier than most table cloths so does not slide around the table in the same way. It is a long lasting fabric and washes well. It is extremely forgiving with food stains and everyday use. It's lovely to have a table cloth for special occasions but we encourage people to use these cloths often. Why save good things for occasional use when they can bring you pleasure every day?

Fabric Care

Special Instructions for Kowhai Lace – white table cloth. Because of the white print you must iron the fabric on the reverse side, ie – do not iron directly on the print.

If you have a top loader washing machine we would recommend a gentle cycle. Front loaders are generally more gentle anyway so a 'linen' or 'bedding' cycle is good.

After washing your fabric it is best if you can hang it shortly after the wash cycle has finished. Give it a shake to get out as many creases as you can and hang it evenly on the clothes line. A quick hot iron (reverse side if you have a 'white' print) and it's ready to use again or store for next time. In some cases an iron is not necessary but recommended for the best look on the table. For best results iron the table cloth while it is still a little damp.

Specifications for Hemp/Organic Cotton cloth

Dry Cleaning Ok - Wet wash temperature 40deg - Do not bleach - It is not recommended to tumble dry (but we have!) expect some shrinkage if you do tumble dry.

We do not recommend bleach on table linens. One or two customers have told us they used a fabric detergent with a combined 'whitener' with success, but if you do use such a product you do so at your own risk. You can wash out stains really well just by a soak or you can use our wonderful gentle stain remover soap. This will last for years and you just rub it on the stain and wash as normal. Wet the fabric or soap first.

We love our fabric and guarantee our product so please contact us for any reason if you are not satisfied. Please contact us if you are satisfied as well!

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