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Bags, Totes and Pouches

Welcome to our growing collection of bags that are one or all of the following - Fair Trade, New Zealand made, Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp and other sustainable materials. Chosen for function, beauty and good. There's no harm in having bags you love to use because remembering to use them is the key to reducing single use plastic bags. 

Historically the first 'tote' bags were made from heavy canvas and sometimes leather. Now we have a huge selection of tote bags on the market, made from numerous materials. Fabric bags from cotton, linen or hemp can be used over 300 times before they match the carbon expenditure of one plastic bag. The non-woven types made from recycled polypropylene can be used 26 times before they match the plastic bag.

The biggest challenge with reusable bags is remembering to use them! I have my sturdy jute or canvas ones for organised shopping trips and then I have found that the unplanned supermarket drop ins are when I fall back so I have found the light weight cotton bags like the kalamkari tote can be folded up real small in your hand bag for those quick stops on the way home. You tend to just buy what you need when you buy only what you can carry!