Fabrics from Aotearoa

We want you to have fabrics that enhance your life and the planet. Textiles help us to celebrate, nurture, clean, warm, protect, carry things, communicate, mark a passage of time, adorn and simply enjoy our lives. 

Every single day.

Browse through our online store and fall deeper in love with designs from Aotearoa New Zealand and sustainable fabrics that give pleasure and meaning for every day of your life.

A love of fabric
Browse our selection of tea towels in a range of sustainable fabrics.
A love of being together.
Table cloths for every occasion.
A love of place.
A celebration of New Zealand's Flora and Fauna.

Discover brands we love.

Solsocks is a brand we love because of the fun they foster through their clever use of function, pattern and sustainability. Click here to find out more.

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