One of our uniquely crafted New Zealand-printed collection of fabrics for the table, exclusive to our store. The design is inspired by the intricately cut floor tiles of India for simplicity and geometric charm.

Radiating brightness and happiness, this tablecloth is a true standout piece that adds a touch of joy to any dining setting.

Made in New Zealand from luxurious hemp and organic cotton fabric, our tablecloths are not only eco-friendly but also exceptionally soft and durable, promising both quality and sustainability.

Available in standard sizes as listed below,  or customisable to fit your specific needs, these tablecloths are versatile and can be tailored to suit your own style and space. Whether you're hosting a special gathering or simply elevating your everyday dining experience, our New Zealand-printed tablecloths will make a lasting impression. We only print in small runs to acknowledge the luxury of owning such a long-lasting cloth.

Three facts about Hemp you may not know:
1) Mildew resistant
2) It is surprisingly stain-resistant and holds its shape. (It has been tested in-house with red wine, milo, chocolate, tomato sauce, tea and coffee)
3) It is a fast-growing and highly renewable resource

There are many more amazing things to learn about hemp. Read the full description here.

SWATCH: Want to see a sample of the fabric first? Order here (samples are free when you combine with other items, if not we charge a $5 postage fee)

Dry cleaning OK.
Wet wash at 40˚C. Gentle cycle recommended.
If tumble drying expect some shrinkage. 
Avoid bleach.
For stain removal try our Fabric Soap

STANDARD SIZE GUIDE - For standard tables no wider than 100cm.
You may purchase these sizes directly from the website. They are all made to order.

140cm diameter – round table – 4 people.
140cmx140cm – square table – 4 people.
140cmx180cm – rectangular table – 4-6 people.
140cmx225cm – rectangular table – 6-8 people.
140x300cm – rectangular table – 10-12 people.

Standard size won't fit? Contact us here for a custom made tablecloth.

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