Delivery Policy

Postage within New Zealand is tracked and is calculated based on weight and if you are in the North Island or South Island. Cost range in New Zealand depending on region is from $5.50 - $16.50.

We will email confirmation that your order has been fulfilled and this means it is on its way. We use NZ Post tracking service and in most cases our delivery is overnight, however expect 2 - 5 working days for your goods to arrive. If your goods are delayed you may contact NZ Post and use your tracking number with the service provider to locate your goods. If you do not have a satisfactory outcome then we will take over the case and contact the service provider directly. 


We use DHL Express for all international orders. Upon shipment of your order you will be given a DHL tracking number and you will be notified of all status updates of your order. Through DHL you may be able to change the delivery time and address if needed.  Please note: DHL will not deliver to PO Boxes. Receiver's physical address is required on your order.

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on weight and zone.

We ship to the following destinations:
Zone 2 - Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Fiji, China, Brunei
Zone 3 - Cook Islands, India, Japan, Sth Korea, Nepal, New Caledonia, Niua, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Tahiti (French Polynesia), Taiwan, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu
Zone 4 - Canada, Mexico, USA
Zone 5 - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Duties and taxes. 

  • Your countries duties and taxes are not included in the price of the goods you purchase online.
  • To ensure the DHL courier can deliver your goods in shortest possible transit time, when we enter your country, DHL pays the customs authority immediately on your behalf for any duties and taxes that are due on the goods.
  • DHL only releases the goods to you upon the full repayment of any duties and taxes that were paid on your behalf.

Although you ordered and purchased the goods online, the goods are still subject to an import procedure to clear the shipment through customs. Clearance depends on:

  • The country of origin
  • The value including transport charges
  • The quantity of goods

Each country has its own customs laws and the duties for different types of goods and values are set locally. DHL, like any other international transportation company, must adhere to local customs legislation and so DHL pays duties on the receiver’s behalf to clear shipments on arrival.

Please contact us on if you have any concerns or would like a shipping quote before purchasing. 

DHL Express offer us and you piece of mind for the safe delivery of your goods. 


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