About Ali Davies

Ali Davies is a textile designer from New Zealand and has built a conscious business based on a 'no harm' ethos. Using only sustainable fabrics and mindful manufacturing, she produces textiles for the home and luxury gift markets. A recipient of the Luxlife 2023 Luxury Gift Awards and a member of Mindful Fashion NZ.


Ali Davies kowhai lace place mats


Gifts celebrate a significant time in a person’s life and Ali Davies fabrics are a popular choice for many. Textile decoration is one of the oldest forms used to communicate knowledge and meaning from one generation to another and over time, the fabrics in our home weave our personal stories and memories. We like to offer a piece of cloth the recipient will never want to throw away, and will cherish for many years. We foster warmth, generosity and connection. We are proud of our role in helping to create memories unique to every family and memories connected to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Traditionally textile production was led by a community of women. They worked together in groups and families singing songs to aid the rhythm of the textile making, all while keeping an eye on the children. At Ali Davies we see that humans benefit from working together and engaging in meaningful social activities. It is important to nurture crafts people and communities who are producing textiles in traditional and innovative ways. We are committed to continued learning and to sharing the talents of the many people we work with.

Ali Davies has had a life-long passion for textiles. Having studied textile design and being a keen illustrator, she explores her ideas on fabrics. What began as hand painting one-off pieces for friends and family grew into a boutique business creating original pieces and bespoke works. Applying artistic expression, a keen eye for quality and the functionality of fabrics, Ali Davies makes it possible for people to create spaces that both inspire and relax, environments to be happy in.

Ali Davies has a ‘no harm’ ethos and has built her business on this one principle. ‘No harm’ means taking care of each step of the production and design of a product to ensure the best possible outcome.
Ali Davies is proud to be a member of Mindful Fashion, an industry collective that unites New Zealand’s fashion and textile ecosystem to create an innovative, full-circle, and thriving future for all through advocacy, collaboration and education.
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