Colours to welcome in 2022

Ali Davies chrome yellow table cloth

Star Tile is the name I have given this pattern and it comes from a photograph of ceramic tiles from India. I fell in love with its simplistic elegance and instantly imagined it pulling a dinner party together in a thrilling way. I have purposefully enhanced the nicks and chips in the work so as not to loose the hand made element. I love the ritual of laying a table to create a unique atmosphere, which is why I’m so passionate about making table cloths.  For this design I’ve created three bold and exotic colours that allow different looks with equal impact.
Chrome Yellow, Ming Blue and Red Dahlia.

Please note Ming Blue and Red Dahlia will be available early next year. Due to so many COVID delays on my new products I have decided to allow myself a decent nights sleep and get through the year as best I can! I’m sure you understand.

Yellow is a beacon of hope and friendship.

I chose chrome yellow to kick this new design off because I felt the optimism of this shade of yellow is infectious. It was also a favourite of Vincent Van Gogh, whom I am deeply inspired by, but I also feel his life illustrates how hard life can be as an artist. I am an artist before I am a business owner, and I am a human before I am an artist. But I also believe that creativity is what makes us human.

(The Bedroom - Vincent Van Gogh / Image courtesy Van Gogh Museum -

Chrome yellow is the pigment responsible for the wonderous sunflowers of Vincent Van Gogh. A strong primary yellow had been lacking until the early 1800’s and the emergence of chrome yellow was a revelation to the artists of the period. However close examination in recent years reveal that this pigment darkened over time. Vincent used colour in an exaggerated way to capture his experience of light and to illustrate an emotional truth of the beauty around him. Another example of this yellow is in 'Sunflowers' below.

(Image courtesy Van Gogh Museum -

In selecting colours it’s the emotional impact that’s important to me too. Colours can be symbolic as well as representative. Yellow is a welcoming colour, it is joyful and as we emerge from a period of forced hibernation due to the pandemic, I find myself turning to colours to lift my spirits, that stimulate me to break free from the blanket of resignation.

The colours for this design are versions of the three primary colours – a return to the basics, building blocks for coming back to life.

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Original design used by publisher’s permission from Heidi Swanson’s Cook Book, Near & Far.



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