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Moira is one of my favourite people. We share a love of beautiful things, art and textiles. We also share a hope in the goodness of humanity, through our own different spiritual practices – she a Christian, myself a practicing Buddhist. Mostly though we dreamed up designs and as soon as she showed me some of her drawings and paintings I knew exactly what we could work on together. Her discipline is very different to mine and I love that.

Moira Sun Artist

Let me introduce Moira to you who is the illustrator of the just released Ngā Manu - Birds of Aotearoa  series of tea towels. The design was completed more than 2 years ago but I waited until I could get the right linen fabric woven especially. Good design is timeless, so I knew I could wait. I’m delighted to present these to you now. 

Moira Sun is an artist with a multi-disciplinary illustration and design background. In 2014, she emigrated from China to Sydney, Australia, before settling in New Zealand with her family in 2016.

Moira has been professionally trained in China in drawing and painting, and  believes art is essential in daily life as it embodies a healing power that can comfort people. To her, art is not only a personal creative expression, but also a way to help, and a bridge to connect. 

Coming from her oriental background, her artworks are always quite delicate and subtle. She likes washed-out and muted colours that evoke a peaceful feeling.  Moira aims to express a sense of belonging in her artistic practice and celebrates the goodness of creation through visual expression.

Why does art matter to you?

“In the beginning, making art is a way to express myself only. It’s like an exit of my emotions - especially negative ones. I was confused and frustrated, since I wanted to produce happy and delightful work, but I just couldn’t. I guess because I wasn’t really happy. 

When I became a Christian in 2016 I asked God in my prayer, how is He planning to use my gift? How can I use my gift to serve Him? What should I do with my passion in art? I didn’t get answer from Him straight away. So I just kept asking and making art for another few years bearing that question in mind.

After 5 years of study in knowing God and myself, I’m changed in His grace. And it becomes more and more clear that I want to create art to worship His goodness. I want to share His ‘good news’ with people who are struggling, so that their life can be turned upside down and walk out of the darkness like I did. It’s funny that this vision just became more clear recently with the beginning of my full-time job. I believe I’ll continually grow in His light, and I want to share the blessings with others.” - Moira Sun

What are two of your favourite Ali Davies products?

1) The Kowhai design table cloth, for its gentleness. It’s a very humble design.


2) The Kea art print - it is beautiful in colour and proportion. I love how the  bright orange contrasts with the muted background colours. 

Shop the Ngā Manu tea towels now.

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