Dramatic and luxurious purple hues that merge into golden yellow.

Printed on a luxurious silk twill fabric allows the movement of the designs to cascade over the fabric similar to the way it travels through the night sky with its array of deep colours and iridescent flecks of light.

Distinctly from Aotearoa, these designs speak of the past, the present and the future. They give the wearer a soft power, a sense of belonging and pride for any outfit and occasion. More than just a scarf. A Style that can only come from our place, Aotearoa.

- Unique and original Māori Art by Cheri Waititi

- Luxe statement scarf

- Multi-wear piece for men and women

- 100% Mulberry Silk

Measurements: 50 x 200 cm

About YW8 (logo)

YW8 [wy wait]

Cheri’s name ‘Waititi’ combined with the number 8. A statement that determines ‘the time is now’ why wait?

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