Hand painting with a bottle.

At some point during the day or week, you end up at the dinner table. Recently I started hand-painting table mats. Each one is created from the original drawing and the process is repeated for each individual placemat. Then I heat set the ink and they are sewn up with a slightly laborious mitred corner. Because the initial design is the same I can obtain a cohesive look for the table, yet looking closely, each one is different. Each person has a different variation. Conversation starters for sure.

I make one set at a time and depending on whether or not some don’t make the cut, the number in each set could vary. Essentially though, I aim for 12 in each series. I can repeat the series and make it to order but each placemat will always be different (yet the same!). If you have a special event coming up and want something customised I can make a set of your own design. I think it would make a great surprise for someone special's next big birthday celebration!
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