Colour inspires my 'happy' place.

(Photo - Ali Davies, Karekare)

All my life I've had colour phases. There are periods where a certain colour or colour group is what makes me feel 'right'. It lasts quite a while and I don't really think about it, I just enjoy it. I don't obsess about it and I don't have to change everything to match. It's just an appreciation of that particular colour and it is somehow in perfect harmony with my life at that time. What usually happens is that my work is influenced by that colour. I will create a colour for fabric that is perfect for me at the time. A new range will appear with complimentary hues and new designs. It’s a crucial part of my creative language. 

Today I’m sharing with you my present ‘green’ experience. Not just any green though. I had something in mind and searched for it. Subconsciously I was heading for it when I created my ‘olive’ green more than 5 years ago. Feng Shui principles describe green, being a Wood Element, as having positive associations with optimism, freedom and balance. It is both restful and balancing. Put in the wrong place or over used it can also create negative feelings, jealousy and envy. One must never over use any colour, it is more powerful than we realise.

Peta Tearle, a renown colour consultant uses one of my favourite quotes from my mentor Daisaku Ikeda, to match her ‘Olivey Green’ in her Daily Colour series which sums up for me what this colour represents.

‘Live with hope, aspire for lofty ideals, be true to yourself. There your inner brilliance shines.’ (Daisaku Ikeda)

Here’s some images I'd like to share with you. Enjoy!  


(Photo - Claudia Aalderink, Ali Davies)

(Photo - Ali Davies, KareKare)

(Photo - Ali Davies, Artwork Grace Carson)

(Photo - Ali Davies, Artwork Ali Davies)

Links -  Peta Tearle 'Colours with Love'

In the last photo I've used 'June Leaf' green paint on the wall by Everyday Needs. 

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