Olive Stripe Hand Woven Tea Towel


Olive Stripe Hand Woven Tea Towel is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This olive and white striped cotton tea towel has been hand woven for Trade Aid by a collective of artisan groups in Southern India whose work impacts over 7,000 rural families by achieving sustainable livelihoods and helping to slow their migration into the big cities.

They work together as part of a federation known as (SIPA) South India Producer Association which allows for greater exposure to markets as well as health, education and business initiatives.

Why I like this product.

I like the simple colour of this tea towel and I have been a big fan of Trade Aid for a long time and want to support the communities they support. I aim to extend my offering of 'good' textiles for the home so my customers (you) have more choice and diversity and be confident of the choice I make in ethical products. 


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