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Kalamkari Tote Bag

Kalamkari Tote Bag

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A lovely deep red traditional Indian textile design. A useful bag for books or for folding up in your hand bag for the days you forget your reusable bag. 

About the design: Using vegetable dyes and 100% cotton, these pieces are named after the kalamkari method of hand drawing designs onto fabric. 

Made for Trade Aid by a collective of artisan groups in Southern India whose work impacts over 7,000 rural families by achieving sustainable livelihoods and helping to slow their migration into the big cities.

They work together as part of a federation known as (SIPA) South India Producer Association which allows for greater exposure to markets as well as health, education and business initiatives.

Why I like this product.

There are many steps to producing a design as detailed as this. It is based on a long tradition of textile design, used for decoration and the telling of stories. I like to have this offering as an example of the heritage of Indian design. 

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