Double Woven Italian Linen Tea Towels


Giano is an Italian name derived from Janus, a Roman religious God of beginnings and endings, gates and doorways, transitions and time. A two faced God, both looking forward to the future and back to the past.

These kitchen towels are also 'two-faced' in that they are made up of a double weave, being two warps and two wefts that connect together to form a double sided pattern with alternative colours on each side.

It is an ancient technique from Pre-Columbian Peru with examples dating back to before AD 700. More recently in the late 1800's double weaving was used by William Morris during the Arts and Crafts movement in the UK and leading textile weavers of Europe. 

Colours available are a blue/green and natural/ice. They are a generous size and are wonderfully soft. Can be used in your guest bathroom as a hand towel or as the favourite every day kitchen towel.

100% European Linen. Made in Italy.


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