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Why VIP?

Very Important Purpose

I am committed to using only sustainable fabrics, because of this I have seen how this has reduced my environmental footprint significantly. Hugely.

When I started designing for fabrics I was still a teenager and was not aware of how destructive the industry was. Gradually I have been turning my passion for textile design into a business and I just knew I didn’t want to create a mess in the process.

So, its taken 10 times longer than it may have if I’d just used what everybody else uses. I’ve had to wait for the market to catch up. Now there are more people like you, wanting to consciously change the way they spend. The home textile industry has similar issues to the fashion industry such as pollution, labour exploitation, waste and unhappiness in the manufacture of textile products, so I created The Fabric Queen for three reasons:

It’s my creativity
To me, fabric weaves our human history and I find that fascinating.                                                       
I want to use my art to solve problems.

The VIP programme is my way of saying – join me!

• It’s more than just sales.
• We do it together.
• By buying my product you are saying Yes to living a more sustainable life.

VIP Benefits.

• Gift Voucher with every future purchase.
• Referral Card to share with friends so they can receive discounts.
• Free Gifts and products – (I’m very generous!)
• First to know of events and new products as they arise.
• All the information you want to know about Fabrics – ask me anything

How do I become a VIP?

  1.   Sign up to our mailing list from website.

  2.   OR Make an account with your purchase.

  3.   All orders over $100 will receive a 10% Gift Voucher and Referral Card

  4.   Orders over $250 receive a 10% Gift Voucher, Referral Card and Free Tea       Towel

  5.   Once you have ordered a total of $500 or more over a 12 month period you automatically become a VIP and you will receive a $50 Gift Voucher and a Free Napkin Set.


Please note, our privacy policy states that we do not pass on your contact information or any other information to any third party what so ever. We respect your privacy and our promise is no nasty surprises from your loyalty as a customer. You may unsubscribe and exit our database at any time. Just click 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of the next email we send out or let us know by phone or email. Done. Have a great day! Ali Davies


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