Mandala table cloth - ming blue


This design was originally a wood cut print. To make the print Ali printed each of the three ‘blocks’ and then created the pattern for the screen while retaining the qualities of the wood block print. She wanted a bold and modern statement with this design. Circles are very pleasing in the kitchen! Enjoy this refreshing and joyful contemporary colour that fits in with most modern colour palettes.

For styling use vintage vases with colourful and bold flowers and an assortment of white plates or use a collection of candles of either white or a contrasting colour.

Printed on long lasting organic cotton and hemp fabric.

Easy care washing.

"A party without a cake is just a meeting." Julia Childs

Select your size from menu. A simple size guide is – 140x140cm – square table that sits 4 people, 140x180cm – rectangular table that sits 4-6 people, 140x225cm – rectangular table that sits 6-8 people, 140x300cm – rectangular table that sits 10-12 people. Our round table cloth is recommended to fit a table up to 110cm diameter.

A little bit about the fabric - this fabric is 45% organic cotton and 55% hemp. It feels like old fashioned linen. It is heavier than most table cloths so does not slide around the table in the same way. It is a long lasting fabric and washes well. It is extremely forgiving with food stains and everyday use. It's lovely to have a table cloth for special occasions but we encourage people to use these cloths often. Why save good things for occasional use when they can bring you pleasure every day...

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