Silk Scarves

This collection is inspired by Te Mangōroa – The Milky Way. In Māori mythology, the demi-god Māui placed the shark Te Mangōroa (The Long Shark) in the sky, forming the Milky Way.

Artist Cheri Waititi (Ngāti Porou / Te Whānau-ā-Apanui) and Ali Davies collaborate on a design series that celebrates Matariki, known as the Māori New Year. Matariki is the name for the cluster of stars also known as Pleaides that rises during the Winter, which in the Southern Hemisphere is June - July.

Printed on a luxurious silk twill fabric allows the movement of the designs to cascade over the fabric similar to the way it travels through the night sky with its array of deep colours and iridescent flecks of light.

Distinctly from Aotearoa, these designs speak of the past, the present and the future. They give the wearer a soft power, a sense of belonging and pride for any outfit and occasion. More than just a scarf. A style that can only come from our place, Aotearoa.

Very limited edition. See our collection of art works from this collaboration here.



Silk Scarves
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