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Fairy Clare

My dear friend Clare Battersby, aka ‘Fairy Clare’ is a true local hero and has been recognised as such. As a working artist she has to fundraise to get things done. I created a tea towel for her that was somewhat rushed for the deadline but was hugely popular and for such a great cause people are happy to pay money and have something they can use for years, remembering they supported a favourite local icon. Clare fundraised to attend a conference on Dance Education for Children in Copenhagen in 2015. Great success as she continues to inspire, educate, and love the children in our community.

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Tahitian Design

Tahitian Design Loana Chiocchi was a tourist in New Zealand and bought one of my custom dyed tea towels from Artport. She loved them for the colour, print and the fact that they dried the dishes! Loana is a distributer and creator of Tahitian Blue products for the tourist market in Tahiti and I’m proud to be making her new range of tea towels for Tahiti. They are custom dyed and printed here in New Zealand. She gets exactly what she wants and I get to work with a like minded business woman creating fun prints and quality product that people will love for years to come. We are currently working on the next range.

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